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looks like your girlfriend

r0x0r? i dont understand this l33+! those icons are awesome if that was what you were looking for. i cant believe youre coming home in 25 days. that makes me sick. my birthday is in one month and 12 days. i'm so excited to be a cashier. you have no idea what that means! i know the code for bananas (4011) and all the other codes for like bringing bags back and stuff. just not any vegatables or fruits :-P whenever i say vegatable outloud i say it like big bunny. what is the world coming tooooo. i dont want to take a shower. but i SMELL. i hate working--the mia maids are going shopping tomorrow. and i have to miss it. i'm so upset! i need to find a roadtrip buddy for next summer. OH EM GEE SETH! cuz we'll be dating by then, and he can take 2 weeks off work. oh this will be funnn! and he's gonna come to australia with us, it's just too perfect. do you like the singer jojo? i really like her. and that one song i know of her. mean girls comes out on video next month. i'm so stoked. that movie is so ill! did i tell you about dakin? how i hugged him at his birthday, and then i thought it was all awkward, but he called me the other night, so we're all good 8-) he dyed his hair blonde :-\ maybe i'll call him tonight. oooh dakin you should date him when you come back. haha that'd be really funny! william's still 14. yah, i know. well i am out like jake when he's in water.
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