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i feel the exact same way about radiohead. i've been neglecting them and listening to not as good music (aka incubus and guster) because nothing beats radiohead. nothing. dad just sent something to you, without me knowing. i didnt like it because i have stuff to send you like the bends and the little letter i wrote you from camp :)

i really do. i saw him today. the first time in like ever. and i realised how much i dont like him. and i never want to talk, or see him again. i hope he dies. not really. that's mean. but there's another boy from work. he's cute! haha

yes, so i am rolling in the do re mi. tuesday i work 7 1/2 hours, thurs 5, friday 7 1/2 and sat 6. a lot of working, but a lot of money. and i've taken you to friendlys before. haha

ew i dont wear your dax. that's gross. i dont even like wearing my dax. ok, that's a lie.

WE'RE GOING TO AUSTRALIAAA NEXT SUMMMERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! jessa, i'm so stoked, except for the plane ride. i'll kill someone if we're next to the food again.

i love waynes' world. and i love keeler for loving it too.

well i'm going to download OK computer, i'll be back later. HOLLER!
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