Jess (aussieskier) wrote in rissa_jessa,

et tu brute?

ive been wanting you to get home so i could tell you stuff, but then i remembered i can just put it in the journal. a little late now...oh well. so i was talking to mum the other day and i couldnt remember "thnoo poo la" all i could remember was your stupid "nyoo nyoo nyaaaaaa" but it made me miss my jakey boy:( awwww, jakey booyyyyyyyy. i had lots more to say, but, who knows, i have to worst memory ever.past.present.future. oh, i watched whos line is it anyway tonight, man, what a great show. why it ever got cancelled is beyond me (it was reruns on abc family) holy cristobol, im tired. i might write more tomorrorrow, i might not. maybe...maybe not... (it said that in the book i just read) OH, since youve been at camp you may not have heard the news... the new title for hp6 is out...harry potter and the half blood prince (jk said it wasnt referring to harry OR voldemort!)

aladdin, im out in the menajerie!!! hehehe, what are you lookin' at PINKY!?

put something in here to make me laugh, im a little sad right now. and make it good.
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