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this is the life of... [entries|friends|calendar]
jessa and ris

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sappy [13 Aug 2004|12:47am]

[ mood | crazy ]

eww gross, jess had her first mormon kiss last night, but it was too a wicked good song--aqueas (cant spell) transmission by incubus--i feel like that title is totally off, but you know which one im talking about--"further down the river..." yeah. i thought that was pretty cool. just think about it for a while, its a good first kiss song. yeah, so im almost positive we're going out, we spent 8 hours together today. thats a lot. and of course this all happens 7 DAYS BEFORE I LEAVE. bah. stupid idaho. oh well, now its your turn to update, or ill PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE

if you want it, you just got to believe, believe in yourself



looks like your girlfriend [26 Jul 2004|02:30pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

r0x0r? i dont understand this l33+! those icons are awesome if that was what you were looking for. i cant believe youre coming home in 25 days. that makes me sick. my birthday is in one month and 12 days. i'm so excited to be a cashier. you have no idea what that means! i know the code for bananas (4011) and all the other codes for like bringing bags back and stuff. just not any vegatables or fruits :-P whenever i say vegatable outloud i say it like big bunny. what is the world coming tooooo. i dont want to take a shower. but i SMELL. i hate working--the mia maids are going shopping tomorrow. and i have to miss it. i'm so upset! i need to find a roadtrip buddy for next summer. OH EM GEE SETH! cuz we'll be dating by then, and he can take 2 weeks off work. oh this will be funnn! and he's gonna come to australia with us, it's just too perfect. do you like the singer jojo? i really like her. and that one song i know of her. mean girls comes out on video next month. i'm so stoked. that movie is so ill! did i tell you about dakin? how i hugged him at his birthday, and then i thought it was all awkward, but he called me the other night, so we're all good 8-) he dyed his hair blonde :-\ maybe i'll call him tonight. oooh dakin you should date him when you come back. haha that'd be really funny! william's still 14. yah, i know. well i am out like jake when he's in water.


[20 Jul 2004|10:30pm]

ok, so this is really why i r0x0r...although the other ones new too

[20 Jul 2004|10:27pm]

[ mood | bored ]

i gots me a new icon. and because of that, i RAWK.
that is all, keep the messages coming

side note, it may not work, thank you, good night


woww [09 Jul 2004|08:21pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

i feel the exact same way about radiohead. i've been neglecting them and listening to not as good music (aka incubus and guster) because nothing beats radiohead. nothing. dad just sent something to you, without me knowing. i didnt like it because i have stuff to send you like the bends and the little letter i wrote you from camp :)

i really do. i saw him today. the first time in like ever. and i realised how much i dont like him. and i never want to talk, or see him again. i hope he dies. not really. that's mean. but there's another boy from work. he's cute! haha

yes, so i am rolling in the do re mi. tuesday i work 7 1/2 hours, thurs 5, friday 7 1/2 and sat 6. a lot of working, but a lot of money. and i've taken you to friendlys before. haha

ew i dont wear your dax. that's gross. i dont even like wearing my dax. ok, that's a lie.

WE'RE GOING TO AUSTRALIAAA NEXT SUMMMERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! jessa, i'm so stoked, except for the plane ride. i'll kill someone if we're next to the food again.

i love waynes' world. and i love keeler for loving it too.

well i'm going to download OK computer, i'll be back later. HOLLER!


[08 Jul 2004|10:51pm]

[ mood | weird ]

rissa, i love radiohead so much it makes me want to cry. especially since im listening to black star. i think its their most emotive song, no? i want the bends NOW. and if that cant happen, then i'd like to be at radiohead concert (sigur ros opening, of course) riiiigghghhhttt NOW. aw, it didnt work. speaking of work, you do work a lot! 4 days a week, ja? great, now you can take me out to eat when i get home! ill even let ya drive, just dont tell anyone. actually, thats a lie, i wont let you drive. but we'll have to go to friendlys. THEY DONT HAVE FRIENLYS OUT HERE! Friendly's

sad, i know... i have my THIRD spanish test tomorrow. we've only been in class for EIGHT DAYS, and we're already on the THIRD test, and he wonders why we're not doing too well. we learn the chapter in two days, then take a test. how heinous is THAT!? ah well, b- is good right? :-\  well they say theres no better prep before a test, so i may just do that--after i read for a couple of hours, haha. ps im giving up sweets on monday for the rest of july, maybe longer :-\ i feel like elder moon, haha. ive now been chocolate free for almost nine days. i think my bodies in withdrawl, i think im gaining weight. sad stuff. pps i think i found a tennis partner, shes my roomates friend and shes in the class i was supposed to be in. she has a wilson, but she has one of those bulky bags that you could carry a 12 year old boy in...

right then... forget about your real journal, write in ours!!!!

But he calls me up, calls me on the phone, tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up



shes my little whiskey girl [04 Jul 2004|12:56pm]

[ mood | tired ]

you should download limewire on it, then it can burn, right? if not, i hate you. send me a guster cd. and the bends.

ok, now i remember the mcdonalds thing "its all coming back, its all coming back to me now"

so youre over jared like a box of hair, eh? i laughed SO HARD when i read that. but what was there to get over? well theres a good reason for girls camp, huh? :)only two more years...

so how many days a week do you work? STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON CAKE, and dont say youre not, 'cause i know you are. and you shouldnt eat cake so much. youll end up looking like me. stop wearing my dax too, cause i know you are. i think thats about it. 4 more hours till i get to eat

my rough on the edges girl



[03 Jul 2004|10:22pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

i hate my life. i just wrote this whole entry and then it got deleted "BULEETED!" ok so anyway the real reason i hate my life. i thought mom's new and improved computer had a burner on it. so i download limewire, the whole bends album, and a bunch of guster, and what does it do? it tells me that there is no burner or software found on the computer. oh well. atleast i can still listen to it!

how can you not remember when we went into mcdonalds that one time after girls camp and we're standing in line and you go 'i havent taken a shower since tuesday!' and the guy next to you gives you a face and walks away. oh man GT'S!!

i am over jared like a box of hair. no joke. i had a lot of time to think about it at girls camp. and he's no more than just a good friend for me. i like knowing this :)

listen to guster. love them. find someone with their cd. i cant handle it. have a good night


et tu brute? [03 Jul 2004|12:35am]

ive been wanting you to get home so i could tell you stuff, but then i remembered i can just put it in the journal. a little late now...oh well. so i was talking to mum the other day and i couldnt remember "thnoo poo la" all i could remember was your stupid "nyoo nyoo nyaaaaaa" but it made me miss my jakey boy:( awwww, jakey booyyyyyyyy. i had lots more to say, but, who knows, i have to worst memory ever.past.present.future. oh, i watched whos line is it anyway tonight, man, what a great show. why it ever got cancelled is beyond me (it was reruns on abc family) holy cristobol, im tired. i might write more tomorrorrow, i might not. maybe...maybe not... (it said that in the book i just read) OH, since youve been at camp you may not have heard the news... the new title for hp6 is out...harry potter and the half blood prince (jk said it wasnt referring to harry OR voldemort!)

aladdin, im out in the menajerie!!! hehehe, what are you lookin' at PINKY!?

put something in here to make me laugh, im a little sad right now. and make it good.

[28 Jun 2004|11:49pm]

ps how can you be in a "disappointed" mood when youre listening to d12's my band!? man, greatest song ever. i like when he turns mexican.

i dont know how to make hearts. [28 Jun 2004|10:58pm]

heart list:
<3 anthropology
<3 janene
<3 s7
<3 australia
<3 milo
<3 awww, jakey boy (NOONOONAAA!)
<3 cheesecake
<3 baked ziti
<3 rain
<3 disneyland

broken heart list:
</3 stupid cankersore </3 stupid rm's in spanish class </3 not talking to colin </3 fat </3 megan getting housing and me probably not you wont read this for a week. just think about how hot girls camp was last year...at least it wont be that bad this year. and you have bree (whoever that is) please, give me your second grace ~~jessj
4 spoke too soon

listsss [28 Jun 2004|10:02pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

heart list:
♥ piano camp
♥ simon
♥ milo
♥ play doh
♥ tennis
♥ cheesecake
♥ for love or money

broken heart list:
</3 jared </3 girl's camp </3 hiking </3 latrines </3 rachel </3 how pinky hasnt been online well i'm done. off to camp i go. again.


would i start to regret it? [23 Jun 2004|10:39am]

[ mood | giddy ]

ok i addddded them. good ones. so i'm going to camp today, and you're going to california today, and it's all just hunky dory. you better get me something good. or i'll kill you. guess who hung up on me last night. yah, you guessed it. let's kill him. i'm leaving in an hour, and i have yet to pack. woops. you're online right now, but i highly doubt it's you. i need to get a life. all morning i've been on the phone with katey. kayla needs to come back. maybe mitch will be at camp this year. that will be exciting. and no, not the otter silly mouse! well i have to go finish packing...*sigh* ps you can never over eat brownies.
life's too short for fat free brownies!


[23 Jun 2004|12:03am]

ps add sigur ros, rent, and aussie rules footy to the list. hmmm what else, oh! put plops. and not idaho. no, really, put "not idaho" rissa i think i ate tooo many brownies tonight. sounds impossible, i know, but its true. put jake and milo too. i dont know if you put this but just put music down. its nice and broad. nelly furtado, too. and and jodi! and hp, duh.
i guess thats all. since youre the modifier i cant do it...

[22 Jun 2004|11:51pm]

[ mood | tired ]

ris noone ever updates anymore, its so boring. so for my bom final, i just revised my talk from this winter. it kind of sucks. but then again, so do you. MWA HA HA. i hope you have fun at piano camp, but you know what? i'd totally rather go to paino camp than california. but ony if colin was there. man, that kid had talent. he might even be there this week, huh? if he is, ask him where hes going to school, then apoligize for me for not talking to him for like a gagillion years.
my roomate finds the wierdest things funny. shes moving out tomorrow. i need a book to read. im porbably going to get fahrenheit 451 or catch 22.
thats all for now. have fun playing the piano, write me a song


leave me in my... [22 Jun 2004|08:32pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

yes elliot smith is the best

too bad my downloading thing's broken.

ps make me more white ninja icons :-D

make sure i never talk to devil boy again
(aka jared) he is no good for me.

(please note the song)


[22 Jun 2004|04:06pm]

im listening to elliott smith, isnt he totally the bomb diggety?

hooray for white ninja icons!

im the best sister ever.

[22 Jun 2004|05:05pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ok i'm just trying this out...holler!

2 spoke too soon

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