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shes my little whiskey girl

you should download limewire on it, then it can burn, right? if not, i hate you. send me a guster cd. and the bends.

ok, now i remember the mcdonalds thing "its all coming back, its all coming back to me now"

so youre over jared like a box of hair, eh? i laughed SO HARD when i read that. but what was there to get over? well theres a good reason for girls camp, huh? :)only two more years...

so how many days a week do you work? STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON CAKE, and dont say youre not, 'cause i know you are. and you shouldnt eat cake so much. youll end up looking like me. stop wearing my dax too, cause i know you are. i think thats about it. 4 more hours till i get to eat

my rough on the edges girl

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